Friday, September 19, 2014


Something is definitely wrong in the bosom of our political majority on the French side.

For those who do not know, on French St. Martin, as throughout the French Republic, local elections are cst for a list, not for a single person, as on Dutch St. Martin. We elect a list of 23 councilors who among themselves elect an executive council. There are usually two elections, unliss during the first election a clear majority is gained, (50% + .) If not, there is a runoff election at which time the side with the most votes wins.

This gives the local administration an automatic majority of 17-6. The council then elects a president, and several vice presidents. Portfolios are shared, etc.

Today we find ourselves with a so-called majority of 17 and an opposition of 6, one of which became independent. Now we are called to elect a senator, which is not done by popular vote, but by what the French call 'les grands √©lus' or those 23 members elected to the territorial council.

Any citizen can postulate and run for senator, but unless you are a member of the council you have no vote. And here we are with no less than 7 candidates for 1 seat, two of which have no voice, 1 of which is opposition and four from the majority. Why this split? Why was there not one candidate chosen from among the majority, thereby ensuring his/her victory as of the first round of elections. In a scenario such as the one we have, that is almost impossible. The opposition candidate is the only one who can be reasonably sure of going on to the runoff. That leaves 17 votes to be fought over by 4 candidates.. Again I ask why?

Is the majority in such disarray that they cannot among themselves chose one candidate? Or is France applying some sort of pressure so that they can get the candidate of their choice?

Food for thought.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


We are hearing again about how so many people love Saint Martin so much, blah, blah, blah! because of its beauty yada, yada, yada!

Let us look at the rest of the world and its beauty as compared to that of Saint Martin  Without leaving the West Indian/Caribbean area, keeping smply to the Lesser Antilles, in all honesty, is Saint Martin more beautiful than for instance, Saint Kitts? Is it more beaure beautiful than Antigua?

The islands of Sarths, Saint Martin and Saint Thomas are so similar in makeup and scenery that they could be triplets! So what does this vaunted beauty of Saint Martin consist of, above and beyond the other islands? Not even its people, since the few natives remaining are most of the time overlooked, and the others are noticed for ways that Saint Martiners did not possess.  The beaches of Saint Barths and Saint Thomas are every bit as white and beautiful as those of Saint Martin. Their hills are all nice and green when rain falls, and they all three suffer from drought and hurricanes.

Let us now move to the volcanic islands. Are they not beautiful, albeit a different kind of beauty?
However, there is one thing that is possible in Saint Martin which is not available on the other islads. Saint Martin is very easily taken advantage of as anything goes on this little 37 square mile island. People come from all over the world and do what the natives do not do, and what they themselves couldn't do in their native countires.

Saint Martin's french side and Saint Barths are both collectivities of France, yet what Saint Barths does not want happen, does not happen. How is it that the same laws are applied in such a different fashion? The Saint Barths natives are in charge of their island, Saint Martin has not yet or is afraid to define what its native population is. Non-natives become annoyed at least whenever something happens that causes the few natives left to speak out.

No people, it is not Saint Martin's beauty that captures outsiders, it is what they get out of it, usually at our expense.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The collectivity seems to be making money on taxing thos are non taxable according to law.

By that I am referring to the 100 € one has to pay to obtain a certificate of non-taxability necessary in order to continue receiving government aid. Without this certificate people cannot continue to collect government assistance.

Now we have thousands of women declared at the CAF as "women living alone" or in French "femme seule", who keep producing babies year after year and who after several children produced it would seem without =thye aid of male sperm, who end up collecting thousands of Euros each month as family assistance, do not work, and an extra addition for being a woman living alone.  Awoman who has six children receives a very tidy assistance from the government. Yet they are not taxable, according to the system since they do not work.

The point is for those who collect several thousand euros a month paying 100€ a year is nothing in order to continue living the life of Riley.

On the other hand, there are the old and the sick, most of whom are our own people, although that seems to be changing too, and many of whom receive only something like 700€ from which they have to eat and pay utilities and someimes rent. They have to pay 100€ which is more than 10% of what they get annually in order to even be able to collect that.

Is this fair? Is this right?

Could the collectivity not have made some kind of distinction when levying this tax? Because that is what it is. Why should a woman who produces a child per year be charged the same as an older, maybe sick person?

And then there is the AME which is health coverage for the "sans papiers" or illegals.

Saint Martiners need their fair share of everything! It is a ticking time bomb!

Monday, June 2, 2014


This post will not be very long because whenever a native expresses themself they are called among other things xenophobic. My answer to that is it takes one to know one.

People who are not affected by illegal immigrants and overcrowding find it very easy to claim that there are no "illigals" on planet earth. That may be so and I do agree that we should help as many people as possible, but on an island the size of St. Martin which produces nothing and depends on France for everything we are being swamped and it also needs to be said that charity begins at home.

Our politicians seem to be favoring those who come from outside illegally and this creates a false impression of how many people live on this island. Illegals are legalized even though they entered the country illegally, allowed to acquire French nationality, whether Dutch or French, after a few years with no loyalty either to the island or to the European countries whose nationalities they acquire.
The only result of legalization is another wave of illegals, who come to 'try a thing' since others were rewarded for their illegality.

Sooner or later one or several of these groups will present their "own" list and win. How will our politicians get votes then? Coming back to the few remaining natives? We won't be enough to help them then! Too late, too late shall be the cry!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Emothions have been running high over the last several days. Once again St Martiners have been called all kinds of name because they dared to express disapproval of something happening in the country. Is that not our right????

Even our Deputy has told us that we are an "island of prsperity in an ocean of misery" and should therefore shut up! PROSPERITY????? Really???? French st martin in 21 square mile of people on the dole!!! The collectivity has not the slightest idea of how many people live on this island. They say 363.000 but 70.000 people collect from the CAF!

The toilets on our little airport in Grand Case have been out of order now for months! Why? A company is paid to clean and maintain those toilets. But can it be that the company has not been paid? Why not? Because the litany sung from every corner is that the collectivity has no money? Then where the hell is th prosperity?

Even France knows that they cannot take away all the misery of the world. How then on God's green earth can st martin take away any, even its own? St. Martiners are not even allowed to work for themselves unless they make enough to pay for all the ones the government wants to come in and vote for them! The number of people who have tried to work to support themselves that have been stopped and fined and brought before the court is known only to the court.

The idea for the European Union came from France. How is then France cannot or will not understand our situation here on St.  Martin?

Frustration on St. Martin is buildingand if the two governments of this island do not take things in hand their own people will come for them eventually. Ghandi's own people shot him and his daughter down, not strangers.

What politicians seem to forget is that they are very, very, very comfortable. It is the poor man on the street who is uncomfortabl. The straw that breaks the camel's back is just that- a straw, and nobody knows when that straw will fall! Like earthquakes, nobody knows when the big one will hit.

Governments, take heed!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Can the collectivity enact a law? It depends on the law. If it is a law that falls within an area in which the collectivity has no competence, such as nationality, then no, it cannot. Only the state has competence in that area.

However, if it concerns something in which St Martin has full competence, such as traffic, yes, it can.

How did the collectivity acquire this competence? It was conferred by the French Parliament as part of our organic law.

Our organic law devolved from article 74 of the French constitution. We have full competence in the traffic area, therefore the French traffic code as such no longer applies to us. Of course most of the French traffic code will still apply to us, since it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. For instance, we still drive on the right side of the road, and so as stated, most of the code will always apply to us.

However, we are at a point where have to WORK to create/put together the changes/modifications of this code which will apply only to St. Martin and not to the remainder of the French republic.

We have our own drivers' licences and number plates. We are also the ones responsible for setting fines for traffic infractions. Once a law is enacted setting an amount that will sanction an infraction, the President of the collectivity can order the territorial police to implement this law. However, the President cannot order the gendarmes to do this, since they are employees of the state. The Prefet has to be requested to issue a decree in which state employees are advised to implement the law.

Our reality, which is different from that of St. Barths, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana and the rest of the French system for that matter, has no Dutch side like we do, and which has to be taken into account.

Conventions will have to be signed between the two sides of the island regarding any traffic issue or any issue for that matter that concerns them both.

And our specifica situation is also the reason why any time we go to antother French territory, if we want to reside there, we have to adapt our drivers licence and our number plate to that of the French norms. It is also our prerogative to request that other cars from French territories conform to our conditions, should they differ.

The bottom line people, is that we have to go to WORK to set up up our collectivity the way it should be set up. We have to become familiar with our organic law and work to make it benefit us. NOBODY else will do it for us.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


France has one of the highest minimum wages in the world, and by extension, so does the French side of Saint Martin.

It sounds very nice on paper to say that ALL people need at least X amount of money to maintain their human dignity, yada, yada, yada!!!!

However, in the real world this works out to mean that people who have spent thousands and studied for hundreds of hours to acquire a professionl licence such as lawyer, who are required to work for years in a law office before they can work on their own, will make the same wage as those who work with absolutely no qualifications, and who are in many cases, functionally illiterate. This is simply not faire.

And even though Saint Martin has its own functionally illiterate, guess whoi will get the jobs.

So today there was a proposal from the Medef, which is the largest union of employers in France, so we know in advance that this is a proposal made to benefit employers, whether people would be in favor of a minimum wage below the actual minimum wage, which would allow companies to employ young people.


Young people fresh out of school lack experience. Is it fair that they should make as much as people who might have been working already for 10 years? French minimum wage applies to everybody! No matter how many years you have studied, how money you have spent to get there, you are not allowed to make more than minimum wage, because by the time you finish paying the government for those who do not contribute, you will hopefully remain with enough money to feed yourself.

This lower minimum wage would allow young people to acquire experience and a salary, albeit lower than the SMIC.

We know in advance again that employers will use it to their advantage but some people would profit from it too.

As stated before, French minimum wage is practically the highest in the world, so even this would be above minimum wage in amny other countries, at least half the world, and definity higher than the Dutch side of Saint Martin.

Food for thought.